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A deeper experience of healing and spiritual growth with Soul Yogi Conscious Evolution Life Coaching.

Thrive as a soul.​


Greater clarity of vision and the know-how for manifesting a thriving life.

Spirital Connection

Deeper spiritual connection, and understanding of who you are and why you are here.


Greater understanding of the generational wounds, beliefs, and patterns that sabotage your dreams, and goals, and keep you in looping unconscious patterns.

Meet our Founder:
Stephanie Wendel-Smith

Wellness Mentor | Life Coach

Stephanie Wendel Smith brings over 30 years of experience in yoga, doTERRA Essential Oils, and life coaching. 

She has the heart of an entrepreneur rooted in a profound journey from a professional dancer to a yoga instructor and ultimately to a transformational life and wellness coach. 

Residing in Heber City, Utah, she blends her deep knowledge of yoga, spirituality, and wellness with life coaching to offer a transformative experience. Her mission is to guide individuals toward a thriving life filled with peace, joy, passion, and fulfillment.

Our Methodology

The Conscious Evolution Life Coaching program is a transformative journey designed to help individuals thrive in their personal and professional lives. This holistic approach combines initial consultations, personalized coaching sessions, and unique methods like astrology and human design analysis to facilitate deep self-understanding and growth. Participants gain clarity about their desires and obstacles, learning to align their inner narrative with their true aspirations.

With a focus on spiritual connection, generational healing, and practical tools for daily living, the program aims to deliver benefits such as greater self-awareness, improved relationships, and a more fulfilling life experience. Additionally, it incorporates doTERRA Essential Oils for enhanced physical and emotional well-being, emphasizing proactive health and wellness practices. This comprehensive coaching experience is designed to empower individuals to navigate their life’s journey with confidence, purpose, and a deeper connection to their authentic selves.

We provide help for everyone, come and receive yours.